Whilst on vacation I purchased a few books and CDs, as I am want to do. At Green Apple Books on Clement St. in San Francisco, I purchased A Drink wIth Shane MacGowan by Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke, and You Can't Win by Jack Black. No, not that Jack Black. It is an autobiography, and this Jack Black was a Tom Waits song before there was a Tom Waits. He became a thief and a hobo among other things, ending up in San Francisco. It is an interesting life story, and William Burrough's favorite book. It is from Nabat Books and AK Press, so if you're interested in buying it, for the love of god get it from an independent bookstore. The CDs I found are all highly recommended and in no particular order:

Say You're a Scream by the Four Corners
Shiny Things by Jackpot
Phenomena 256 by Experimental Audio Research
flyin' the flannel by fIREHOSE
live totem pole ep by fIREHOSE
plastique nouveau by Bis

All good, all used, and all good driving music in my rental car in California.


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