The househunt begins in earnest this weekend. We have five places to check out today up in the Chapel Hill area. Two houses, one duplex, and two apartments, although I'm not entirely sure what kind of buildings the apartments are in so they might be duplexes too. The best parts are that we might actually find something today, so we can just worry about moving and not about looking, AND everything we're looking at is cheaper than what we're paying now. I'm excited to move but the looking process is always a little nerve wracking.

We have someone lined up to take our house when we move. Not that we had anything to do with the lining up. I do like to think that our chiap (chic and cheap, pronounced "sheep") decor influenced them to take the place, but it was probably just the size of the place.

This move probably also means a change in jobs for me. Yes, I am still working for Northland, but my other part-time job here doesn't look too promising, especially if my commute is going to get longer AND is going to include rush hour traffic. We're supposed to be moving into a new building sometime this year, and there's some sort of bizarre profit sharing plan in the works, but nobody is getting a raise (or even their annual review) because "money is too tight". My coworkers are fine, but I never really liked the job anyway.

This looks to be a very busy month. This week, house hunting, and Val has an interview for a Duke internship. Next weekend, Swedish Pancake Party. A week later, Val graduates from the Public History portion of her program here at NC State, and her parents will be here for that. The following week, packing (moving in early if we're lucky!) and something I'm forgetting, and then the final week, my dad is coming to visit/help us move.

Just keep your fingers crossed that we find a place this weekend. That would make the rest of the month SO much easier.


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