The other day I got to work and there were these HUGE flatbed trailers with these HUGE treads on them. Here are tiny pictures:

Turns out they were for a HUGE crane that proceeded to assemble, over the course of the last two days, 3-story tall concrete pre-fab slabs into some sort of warehouse. The leveling and site prep took over four months, but the building is going to be standing in less than a week.

I've started my full-time hours, and with that comes a better computer and a window seat. Eventually my window view will be the side of a warehouse, but for the time being it's like one of those "BIG CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES" videos that you can get for kids to watch. Kids or typesetters.

The previous two posts were courtesy of my new Motorola V505 cameraphone, and www.flickr.com, which was recently acquired by Yahoo!, so hopefully it will continue to be the cool service that it is/was and not be transformed into something horrible. Of course Yahoo! is no Microsoft, at least not yet. There is a feature on flickr that I haven't taken advantage of yet, but it seems really cool and I'm surprised it hasn't been done before (at least as far as I know). You can upload your pictures, and add little areas in boxes that contain more information. When someone goes to view the pictures, the image loads and there are the little boxes, superimposed on the image for a few seconds, then they disappear. When the viewer places the cursor over that area of the image, a little text blurb pops up with the additional info or comment or whatever. I think anyone can add comments to an image, and I think it is possibly the greatest online photo gallery feature I have ever witnessed.


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