Three Day Weekend. Seriously.


Labor Day weekend has always signaled the end of summer. The Minnesota State Fair ends on Labor Day, and school almost always starts the next day. This Labor Day weekend felt strangely familiar, as I tried to figure out what I needed to do before starting work today.

Well, needed is a strong word. I needed to get some clothes for a more presentable work-look. Everything I own is casual casual, and pretty much nowhere near business casual. There is no stated dress code, but I will be doing a bit of everything, including face to face customers, so I shouldn't slob it up quite so much.

So, Mrs. Cupcakes took me clothes shopping. I got me some real nice non-khaki colored khakis, or chinos, or trousers, britches, dungarees, slacks, whatever. To update things I got a few polo shirts (the comfort of a t-shirt, but with a collar, for business!), and a cool sweater. Thanks Cupcakes!

Speaking of the works, I am back in the prepress industry. Think "Ma & Pa Kinko's". I'm sorry, I meant "Ma & Pa FedExKinko's". It's literally a Ma & Pa & Son operation, with another two or three employees, now including myself. We do all the basic printings, and some signs and promotional items. We will be expanding our sign and large format printing capabilities, which I'm pretty psyched about, and most of the equipment is pretty cool stuff. Anyone else get excited about full-color networkable Creo-ed copier printers? Let's chat!

I do have a thirty minute commute, but I can deal with that, and my hours will vary between half-time and full-time, but always between 8-5, M-F. Their graphics/preress person is leaving after nine years, so I have a bit of learning to do. I will be working closer to New Haven, so I expect to learn more about that area as well.

Now back to our weekend!


We drove down the scenic route to Hamden, so I could show off my new work location and satisfy some Connecticut wndrlst, and then headed back to Durham, just south of Middletown for a SNACK AT THE SHACK. Or maybe we SWERVE TO THE SERV! Anyway, the big green monster at the beginning of this post is the Durham Dari Serv's pistachio ice cream. I do love pistachios, and it was delicious. Mrs. Cupcakes had a peanut butter swirl frogurt, also apparently delicious.


We then were off to meet Heather, for new (for us) picking adventures. While in NC that would've meant banjos, here in CT it has usually meant fruits. This time it was Lyman Orchards.



Peaches, pears, apples, and squasheses. We then went to the main Lyman's shack and ate cider cinnamon donuts.

Then things got foul.


Happy Laboring!


Blogger hyperbole said...

Khakis? Polo shirts?

This I gotta see.

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