Hello November

Good morning.

As is often the case, I have neglected the blog as I am back to 8 hours a day in front of a work-related computer. I still loves me some internet, but, the blog suffers. On to life recap...

When last we met, I was mumbling something about Halloween, and in the last two weeks only a few things have occured. I voted here in CT, and my place of employment was honored as "Small Business of the Year" by the Hamden Chamber of Commerce. Voting was uneventful, but the awards dinner was a strange and wonderful evening. I didn't bring a camera (SHOCK) but it seemed like it was being well documented, so I'll keep an eye on the Chamber web site. There was an ice sculpture that said "Hamden", a cash bar (sigh), and a surprise dinner menu that involved 1/4 head salads, a pasta course, surf & turf dinner, and an Italian pastry dessert platter. With coffee. And speeches.

For a self-congratulatory event, it was pretty good, and we got an etched glass award to display at work. Mr. Boss gave me a little shout out in his speech, and it was nice to be included in the whole affair.

Next week the Cupcakes are headed to Boston for a quick getaway. This virtually guarantees a return to photography for yours truly, so stay tuned.


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