Olympus Pen EE EES EE3 cases

What have I done now?

Olympus Pens

Not one, not two, but THREE Olympus Pen half-frame cameras, obtained off of eBay for $29.50. The first?

Olympus Pen EE

An EE, from the 1960s. A fixed-focus lens, surrounded by a selenium "electronic eye" (hence the EE designation) that chooses exposure based on the film speed setting. On to the next...

Olympus Pen EES

An EE-S, also from the 1960s, with the added features of a three-position "focusable" lens, two shutter speeds, and threads for filters over just the lens or over the lens and the "eye". And finally...

Olympus Pen EE-3

An EE-S, from the 1970s, maybe even the 1980s. Additions include a flash hot shoe, and a film speed range up to 400.

Olympus Pen EE3 frame counter

All three are half-frame, using half a normal 35mm film frame for each exposure, which doubles the exposures on each roll of film. Two of them are loaded with film as I write this, and they seem to be functioning. We'll see...

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