Episode 500(!), or how well I've been eating lately.

Small pictures, many of them, covering the last few weeks...

Along with Thanksgiving eating, there was a fair amount of boozing,

it takes a steady hand


pulla french toast


coffee break

some sushi making,


some gluten-free bakery visiting,


and, of course, pancakes.

the blender the batter

And also, bacon.


And a little something from the family recipe book, untouched for generations, coffee pudding, which involves a bag of marshmallows, a cup of brewed coffee, and some whipping cream. "These are a few of my favorite things" as the song says. It turned out quite delicious.

coffee pudding

On the non-food front, we learned there are now Segway tours in the Twin Cities,

segway tours

we booked a venue for our nuptials,


and we got a visual confirmation on the mommy Molly situation.

molly mor

A very nice trip, then back home for a little work, but then we were off to Mexico, for the nuptials of Laura and Anil. Here's a link, but be warned, it's mostly pictures of iguanas. That's just who I am.


Briefly, Mexico was about, of course, the wedding, and staying at this crazy resort. Not like certifiable crazy, just like new experience crazy. Check the photos.


Blogger Kelly said...

What the heck is that crazy Mexican spider? I must know! -kpw

1:13 PM  
Blogger Szonjaz said...

Miss you guys already. Swedish pancakes, 3 time in two months (2 times in 1 week)... to quote the imaginatin' Malena, "nom nom nom..."

10:33 AM  
Blogger stuntfrau said...

coffee pudding?? must have recipe as it includes 3 of my favorite things: coffee, marshmallows, and whipping cream...

8:26 PM  

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