Oh Blog, why hast I forsaken thee?

Because I'm relaxing in Carrboro, and I don't wanna max out the bandwidth of our gracious hosts by uploading a ton of pictures. Soon enough.

In the meantime, I did get to CD Alley in Chapel Hill yesterday and found a few used gems.

Bad Brains - Quickness
Gang of Four - A Brief History Of The Twentieth Century
LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver
Kings of Leon - Because Of The Times
Golden Smog - Blood On The Slacks
Lambchop - Nixon

As there is sadly no longer a used music opportunity in Middletown, I take these vacation opportunities to splurge on new used music.

We have been hanging out, eating and drinking a bit too much, and just enjoying Carrboro/Chapel Thrill. Today is a bit brisk, but we made Swedish Pancakes for a crew over at Angela's house this morning, and it was great.

Photos soon, after our 14 hour return drive tomorrow.


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