Kermakakku 2.0

My family has long been a fan of Kermakakku, or Finnish Sour Cream Cake. It was an often requested birthday cake for my dad, and a solid party pleaser if you needed to bring a dessert somewhere. Here's the basic idea. Thanks to about.com for the converter!

I had the hankering for one, but as you can see, it's real cake-rich, not that there's anything wrong with that in moderation, but I had also recently made a low-fat, low-cholesterol chocolate birthday cake for a friend with cholesterol concerns that turned out delicious, so I began looking for ingredient substitutions. Here's the side-by-side of the nutritional conclusions.

What, you might ask, made all the difference? Now, it's a damn fine cake, and more like than unlike the original, but I'm not going to say this is an exact replica of the one true kermakakku, especially since there is no sour cream in my version. Maybe I should call mine jogurttiinkivääriolutkakku...since the only two substitutions were greek yogurt in place of sour cream, and ginger ale in place of the eggs. That's right, you heard me, ginger ale. As I was researching ingredient substitutions I read that you can use a can of pop (or perhaps it's "soda" where you come from) in place of the two eggs called for in many cake recipes. In fact, you can go buy a box of certain Duncan Hines cake mixes, mix in a can of pop and bake a totally vegan cake. Just like that. Also relatively shelf-stable, good for camping, or maybe the bomb shelter.

the substitutes

The batter came together like batter, so that seemed like a good sign.


The pan was coated with melted butter, and sliced almonds, and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. While it came out a little dark, it doesn't taste overdone.


Welcome to Jogurttiinkivääriolutkakku.


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