We have been entertaining my mother this weekend, and I think we have her sufficiently wowed. We started off simple with Take-Out-Thai-Thursday after picking her up at the airport, followed by Fiore Friday, which was fine Italian dining. Saturday, however, was FILLED TO THE GILLS with activity. We actually put her to work, digging holes and planting bulbs over on campus for an activity Val organized. We followed that up with picking up Bethany and heading to lunch at Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, after which we sped northward to Cato Corner Farms for some delicious cheeses, THEN even further north to UConn to see an exhibit of various art created by Swedish Women, and ICE CREAM at the UConn Dairy Bar. Home again, after dropping Bethany off and a view of the sunset from the beach. Leftovers and martinis with Julia Child. End Saturday Scene.

Umm, pictures soon, as soon as I can get them outta the camera.


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