On Saturday we ventured northwest to the historic (everything here is historic) town of Canton, CT. Former home of the Collinsville Axe Company, among other things, this town is pretty cool based solely on the fact that they have turned most of their older downtown buildings into usable space for businesses, including the former axe factory.

We had lunch at the market/deli and then took in the Holiday Sale at the History Museum. Rhubarb bread anyone? Sorry, we ate it all already!

rhubarb bread

After the history, we wandered through the factory building that has been turned into an antique mall. Lots of fun stuff to look at, like Handy Henri, the sardine spatula!

sardine spatula

Things were a bit overpriced, but that seems to be the way here, and that's based on my Midwestern antiques sensibilities. I did walk away with this refurbished clock that I kind of fell in love with, just for it's face.


I really love the numbers, the decoration, and the embossed weaving pattern. Someone gutted the original mechanism and replaced it with an electronic quartz movement, but it looks cool and it keeps time. What more could I ask for? Most of the intact original clocks were non-functional due to being overwound, and none of them looked this classy anyway.


More pictures of the character of Canton, as well as the clock, can be seen here.


Blogger Bryan Williams said...

Isn't Collinsville great? My wife and I have fallen in love with it. We moved here a year and a half ago. I work right across from the Museum and LaSalles. It's tucked away by the river and trees. The small green and fabulous running trails. It is overpriced, you certainly pay for the atmosphere, but it's a great atmosphere so it's worth it.

9:32 AM  

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