Hippies! I mean, CARRBORO!

Val and I signed a lease on friday for our new apartment. We'll be less than a mile from such Carrboro delights as the OCSC, Elmo's Diner, Weaver Street Market, the Open Eye Café, and the Carrboro Farmer's Market, just to name a few. We're also gonna be within range of three thrift shops, and at least one "junque" shop (junque="antique" junk). We'll live right on a bike path, but also on a dead end street, so it should be pretty quiet.

Our new place is small, but we'll be so close to all this good stuff that we won't have to stay in our cozy little apartment when we don't want to. We have a 2 bedroom in half of a side-by-side duplex. The floorplan is basically a big square, with the front half being the living room and kitchen, and the two bedrooms in the back half, and a bathroom between the two bedrooms. There is one other building on the same property, and total there will be six resdients, including ourselves. The buses in Chapel Hill/Carrboro are FREE, and the UNC campus is a short walk into Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill has all it's own wonderfull offerings, but I won't go in to those here. We'll be happy. As long as we can keep the cats happy.


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