Curses! Even the simple, small town ways of Carrboro cannot keep me safe from the dangers of a RECORD SHOW. I actually did very well, limited myself, and only spent $14.50 for:

2 7"s
3 LPs
4 CDs

I found the first two Lifter Puller 7"s ($3 ea.), a Mose Allison LP (I Love the Life I Live, $2), a Mighty Lemon Drops LP (World Without End, 50), and an Echo and the Bunnymen LP (Songs to Learn & Sing, $1). The CDs were from a variety of discount categories, so I got some things I've never heard of:

Better than it sounds by Roustabout - "Rural Southern songs and tunes mostly from the '20s and before on fiddle, banjos, guitar and bass." ($2)

Woodeye by the Joel Rafael Band - "Songs of Woody Guthrie" ($1)

Band Jug and Ragtime Music by The Kitchen Syncopators - "to the spirit's of all the resting bones who's voices, and songs of love, sorrow, oppression, fear, desire, and salvation live on wax, or haunt the wind cross the buckled stoops of some lost southern road this volume of songs is dedicated." ($1)

Here Comes the Sun, a compilation by Q Magazine - including, Texas, Stereophonics, Underworld, The Beautiful South, Mercury Rev, Happy Mondays, Ash, Supergrass, The Cranberries, Jurassic 5, Reef, Garbage, Blondie, and Basement Jaxx. ($1)

That's a LOT of music for $14.50! I just put the Roustabout CD in the iMac and iTunes found it in the Gracenote Database. I guess that's why it was $2. The record show had a good range of dealers, and all the stuff I looked at was in great condition.

Ahhh, Carrboro, is there nothing you cannot do?


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