I came home last night around 11:30 from an evening of coffee and PBRs with David to find little dots on the side of the house. Lumpy dots. With eyes. FROGS! I think because the light was on outside the door, and the bugs were attracted to the light, the frogs were attracted to the bugs. In turn, the neighbor cat was out and attracted to the frogs. They were probably bite sized for him, but I'm not sure he knew what to do with them. He seemed to enjoy stepping on them, so I kept shooing him away.

They were on the wall, the door, the windows. David counted at least a dozen that he could see. I stepped inside and grabbed the camera and took these pictures. They weren't very big, and I doubt they'll get much bigger. It was fun, so I hope they got a bite to eat, and I hope they come back.

Speaking of David, he has some more gocco pictures on his site. We did more t-shirts, and we did them right this time.

Rain, rain, rain. Good for sitting inside and knitting, I guess. Or blogging. AND blogging, I mean.


Anonymous person you avoid on the bus said...

ohhh lovely frogs!
i love frogly toes. yep.

12:49 PM  

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