Soon to be banana peppers (I hope...).

Soon to be herbs.

This weekend Val made brioche (sp?) and I knit a dinosaur. You can call him Stegs.

The brioche were even better because they had super cocoa chocolate inside! You can call them delicious.

Stegs strikes out on his own (now with eyes!).

GB senses a challenge...

Stegs loses challenge to GB.

Stegs vs. Striper. Striper would've won but I rescued Stegs since he would'nt have survived the weekend if I left him alone with all the cat challengers around here. Stegs came from a pattern here. She's knit-crazy. Or knit-tastic or something.

P.S. For those fools not in the know, the P-Funk All Star (other than Val) in the fuzzy background of the previous post is George Clinton. He was at O'Hare as we were checking in last weekend.


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