Checking in.

For you far flung fans out there, I'll have some newworkclothes photos up here sooner or later. I'll need the lovely and talented Mrs. Cupcakes to wield the camera.

And speaking of camera wielding, the flickr set I put up of my pictures from the morning of the O'Rourke's fire has been viewed over 600 times, and I was asked if some of the images could be used on theamericanroadside.com (not to be confused with roadsideamerica.com) to accompany their articles about the tragedy.

Word on the street is "rebuild", and the assessment of the diner shell is a go. Hard to say what will happen, but I think chances are good for a rebuilt interior in the same location and exterior. There are several fundraising activities happening now and in the weeks ahead, and being recently employed, I hope to attend and contribute and document these events.

Unrelatedly, Mrs. C and I will most likely be driving our Corollas Caravan® north towards Boston this weekend on Official Archival Business™. Seems there are books to be had up yonder, and we are just the Corolla owners to go get 'em and bring them back to the archives*. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to read about the adventure right here.

*NOTE: Not our house, the school archives. Our house, while being a veryveryvery fine house, technically has more books than bookshelves right now.


Blogger b-rad said...

Any chance of getting the old Happy Days gang back together for some old fashioned fundraising?
Imagine the headline, "Ralph Malph, Potsie, Chachi, Fonzie, and all the Cunninghams Reunite to Resurrect the Diner"
I know for a fact Barry Zuckercorn is out of work and most likely looking for a new gig.

9:18 AM  

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