Eats and Streets


This is the roasted garlic,


that went on the beer batter bread,


that contained a bottle of Dogfish Head 60 Minute Ale,


that went really well with the more traditional gravy, stuffing, potatoes, and cranberry sauce. We had salmon topped with a crab stuffing as our turkey substitute, which is the little brain-shaped thing on the plate. We also tried a new preparation for Brussels sprouts involving slicing them up and combining them with lemon juice, poppy seeds, lemon zest, garlic, butter and olive oil. Delicious! And a homemade-but-not-by-us sweet potato pie for dessert.

Hotel view

Friday morning we got up, did the dishes, and headed to the streets of Boston. Actually we headed to the outskirts of Boston, Alewife station in Cambridge, and took the "T" into the city.

Library courtyard

We had lunch at the Boston Public Library, sandwiches from the cafe, seated OUTSIDE in the courtyard.

The Copley Square Rhombus Hotel

We then checked into the Copley Square Hotel, just down the street. We believe that we may have been the only Americans staying there. It is an old hotel building that was purchased by a group that preserves such things, and it was advertised as "European Style". It was a perfectly fine hotel, filled with many countries-worth of foreign tourists, and the smallest elevator in Boston according to one of the employees who seemed pretty sure.

Susie Cupcakes @ Johnny Cupcakes

We walked up and down Newbury St. and checked out Johnny Cupcakes, among other things.


I found a bottle of wine with a lenticular label, so I bought it. The dancer's legs "move" back and forth as you rotate the bottle, just like the postcards of old. It was a Malbec, like I like. We went to dinner at Steve's which was delicious, and made plans for Saturday.

First for breakfast at Trident

Saturday we got up and walked over to Trident Bookstore & Cafe for breakfast. We got there right at 9am when they opened and we were the first ones there.


Mrs. Cupcakes had the amazing challahbreadlemonricottastuffedfrenchtoast with blueberries, and whatever I had didn't matter next to that. It was incredible.

Cooler lockup

We wandered the streets a bit more and then checked out of the Copley and took the T back to Cambridge. After a full afternoon of shopping, tea, beer, coffee, and whatnot in Cambridge, we headed back to the car and back to Middletown.

Now the long weekend is drawing to a close, and I bid you good evening.


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