Friday night we drove down to New Haven to pick up not one, but TWO of Mrs. Cupcake's former roommates from the STP. Emily and Noah both reside in the NYC now, and they were kind enough to come visit us for 24 hours or so. We just kicked it real casual, and on Saturday morning we all headed over to th Olympia Diner for breakfast.


The jukebox was contemplated, and then the menu. I believe everyone was happy with their choices. I myself opted for the hash omelete, with swiss, and a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes for the table to share.

Olympia Diner breakfast

Excellent, as usual. We had a great low-key time, enjoying each other's company, and just wandering around Connecticut.

Olympia entryway

ALSO, Here's an unrelated tip: use leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes, stored in plastic bins or bags in the freezer. Great for iced coffee, of course, but also nice for chilling a shot of Bailey's or Kahlua or what-have-you...

coffee cubes


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