On the way to Thanksgiving in NC, we passed a lot of things, perhaps none more disturbing than this sign.

taste treat

I mean, who doesn't love coffee and hot dogs? Probably anyone else riding in the car with you. I guess it could be burritos and milkshakes, that might be worse.

We made it to VA in about 8 hours, without stopping for coffee and hot dogs (or worse), picked up Stef and she took us to lunch at the Little Grill Collective.

Little Grill

Sammiches and beer all around!

Little Grill

Then we took a quick tour of Stef's library, and I hung out with Gandhi!

Gandhi & Me

Back in the car, and off to NC! Upon our arrival, we secured the key to our Carrboro Condo (Thanks J&J!) and settled in with some old friends. Well, at least one 10 year old friend.

the scotch

We slept in a bit and then got ready for Thanksgiving day, running some errands and picking up some items, then heading over to help prepare the feast.


And then there were snacks! CRAB BALLS!

crab balls


cheese plate


homebrew #1

and a baby cute enough to eat, STELLA!

Me & Stella

The tables were set, the Tofurky was carved, and we all took our places and stuffed our faces. There were plenty of veggie dishes, and two kinds of stuffing, one with oysters(!). The Tofurky was well, Tofurrific, but everything was fantastic. The food, the drink, the people, the whole damn day was great. We partied until even the puppies were worn out.

Baby Bert


On friday we took a walk around Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

scooter security

Stef & scooter

the happy wanderers

OBAMA crane


loco for locopops

...and ended up at the Weave.

Brad & I @ the Weave

Stef & Val @ the Weave

Saturday morning was Swedish Pancake morning (have pan, will travel), and David reached a new level of topping with a Divine chocolate and whip cream.

chocolate & whip on a pancake

He seemed pleased with his choice.

David bliss

Oh and that cute baby was there too.

Stella & I

The rest of the day involved fried pickles, bloody marys, more hanging out with Stella, and an evening at OCSC in Carrboro.


Sunday we got up early and had breakfast at Elmo's Diner, and hit the road. It rained all day on the way back north, and by the time the sun went down, we were facing down some winter weather advisories in the Poconos and decided to pull over and get a room. The hotel shall remain nameless, and was fine for the most part, but it did feature four things I feel I must point out.

1) A Kool vending machine.

Kool smoke machine

2) A bottle opener mounted to the door frame in our bathroom.

classy hotel

2) A mean sounding cocktail list. Well, maybe not mean. Frightening, though.

drink list

3) And speaking of frightening, I can't believe I didn't get a picture, but at the breakfast steam table, there were "eggs" in one of the trays. "Eggs" that looked like this,

and that's not my lack of proportion-rendering skillz, they were literally white blobs with small yellow dots in them. Too small yellow dots. And from the side they looked like this,

Not just with edges, but square edges, just like the diagram. They were not eaten. I was all about the make-your-own-waffle machine.

That's all for Thanksgiving, though there are a few more pix on flickr.

Stay tuned, up next, even more food posting!


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