IRELAND: Connecticut edition

Old Dublin Pub

I do have more Ireland pictures and tales to tell, but tonight I was invited to a birthday gathering at the Old Dublin Pub, right here in Wallingford, CT. Thursday also happens to be the traditional Irish music night and is an open session for musicians.

Old Dublin Pub

The music was an added bonus, and they were even kind enough to play Happy Birthday when the cake came out.

Josh and his cake

The cake, by the way, was homemade by Josh's girlfriend Jenny, and was peanut butter with icing and a layer of fondant with stars. Also, it was amazing.

Josh's PB cake, by Jenny

The session was busy, with at least a dozen different players over the course of the evening, including more than one pennywhistler.

Old Dublin Pub

Old Dublin Pub

That's Old Dublin Pub owner Paul Pender, jammin' on the whistle and running the session in that last pic. Awesome.


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