tending to craze

Stuck on Mad Men, Netflixing and watching online, struck by a season two line from Betsy Draper. Accused of being "profoundly sad" she replies

"No it's just my people are Nordic."

Inspired, I turn to t-shirts. This is deserving of a finer design than I have time for this evening, but wanting to set, um, inkjet to cotton(?), I added a cafepress.com store to my roster:


If you're of the Nordic persuasion, and if you'd wear a shirt "explaining" your disposition, GET A SHIRT! Or wait until I have a finer design worked out. Right now it's all about the idea...

(Also, if you like cameras, or motorcycles, or maybe even d.h.w.e., I also have shirts for you. I mean, mostly for me, but also for you.)


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