Val's folks were in town this weekend for Val's graduation. It's actually her "half-graduation", as she is done with the Public History section of her program and continues on to the Library Science section. The ceremony was Saturday afternoon, and then we drove out to the coast and stayed at a bed & breakfast on the beach. The Atlantic OCEAN beach. We got out of the car, walked in to the house, and walked out to the ocean. It was perfect. We got up the next morning, sat out on the sand, Val and I went out in the water (with a boogie board) and swallowed a few gallons of saltwater. We checked out, drove down the coast and took a ferry across the Cape Fear river. Lunch in Southport, coffee in Wilmington, and then the drive home (2.5 hours, coast to home).

I have been online chatting regularly with some of my friends (you know who you are!) using a chat room script that I modified for one of my web sites. It's a lot of fun, and it works pretty well.
Sometimes there are two people, sometimes six. The best part is that we usually have a coast to coast (and beyond!) chat. We've been chatting Monday nights at 9pm EST for the last few weeks. Check out the chat.


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