Approximately 72 hours ago, Val and I arrived on Ocracoke Island, after a seven hour drive from Carrboro. Approximately 24 hours ago...

On Friday the Hyde County Emergency Mangagement Office issued a State of Emergency Proclamation and a mandatory evacuation order for Ocracoke Island, beginning at 5:00 pm.

We're home, we're safe, we're pissed. Our Ocracoke trip was cut (very) short. We had planned on being there until Tuesday morning.

We enjoyed one perfect morning on the beach, two trips to the Ocracoke Coffee Company, a rare view inside the lighthouse, one sunset from the third floor deck of Howard's Pub, one ridiculously windy visit to the beach, a visit to the Ocracoke Preservation Museum, and a final meal of beer and 50 steamed shrimp before the evacuation. Accomodations provided by Crews Inn.




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