Another successful ride yesterday on the motorcycle, this time with my leather jacket, essentially the same route as last weekend. Shifting is tricky, but not as tricky as starting from a dead stop. I need to fix my starter button so that, when I do stall on a start, I can restart without pulling over, kickstarting, and waiting to roll back into traffic.

I'm working on a redesign for the doctorhectic.com site, something simple, but with a few more features that are kind of spread around (or non-existant) right now, and not really being tended to. Message boards, the already exciting chat room (weekly, Monday nights, 9pm EST), and a new e-mail list, just for updates and such will all be consolidated into a new, easy to find and use interface. No Flash or anything too fancy, just a reorganization.

That's all for now, more updates this week as things develop.


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