Val and I went to dinner last night, WALKING over to our local sushi restaurant, Akai Hana. Val's birthday is on Tuesday, so we did her birthday dinner on Saturday, as I will be working until ? on Tuesday night. We came home and made martinis and drank them sitting out on our little deck. Earlier in the day we went to A Southern Season and shopped around their inventory reduction sale. They have lots of fancy-schmancy ridiculous stuff, but there's lots of great deals on deliciousness, especially during this annual sale.

This morning I got up and WALKED over to Weaver Street Market and bought bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. I LOVE living in this town. There are so many great places that we have immediate access to, and so many more places a short distace away. Like a short motorcycle ride away...

I took another short but sweet ride on the motorcycle today, in fact. I rode to the other end of our street, which turns into a large empty parking lot, and practiced slowly turning, swerving, and figure 8s. I almost killed it once, but I recovered and rode home victorious. 20 minutes to get it started, 20 minutes of riding around. I gotta say it was a good day. And a great weekend. Sometime this week, I'm going to go out for coffee on the motorcycle. I'm just about ready to ride it with a destination in mind. Although, it is fun to just have no desination in mind and ride around, there are so many great destinations around here, what better excuse do I need? Do I need an excuse? Never mind.


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