On a happier note than my last post, things are going well at Southeastern Camera. I've worked there the last several Saturdays, and I've been helping out with the web site (http://www.secamera.com), which just kind of got up and running since I started there earlier this year. You can now order all kinds of "funcams" on the site as well as my personal favorite item, the Clampette. There is also online upload and print ordering, tied into our Fuji Frontier setup. It is a great little shop, and a really fun job. Despite the limited hours and pay, the fringe benefits are superb.

Speaking of which, as of May 1, I return to the land of Health and Dental benefits. It'll be good to be back. Other than emergency visits, I have never really taken advantage of benefits, and it's high time I did so. Not getting any younger. Just older, and frighteningly more rapidly every year. "Just try and remember that it's all in your head."


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