I didn't post this before, but, things are looking up, so...

Baby bird found on lawn. Toyed with by neighbor cat, but seemed physically unharmed. TestNest™ built by yours truly, inserted bird, placed TestNest© in tree.

I went to check on babybird yesterday morning, and there was the little yellow beak, open and hungry for regurgitated worms! I went back after work last night, and found this:

I took three pictures, exactly like this one.

I assumed it was dead. From fear, internal injuries, or any number of things. I left the nest up overnight and started making funeral arrangements.

I did take another picture this morning, however, to see what was up in the nest, and I got the hungry yellow beak again! Hooray! Babybird lives! Babybird lives!

The happy beak.

I wanted to check, because everytime I've gone back over to the TestNest® staging grounds, a noisy and very agitated mama and/or papa bird have made their presence known.

I hope this means they know right where the little one is and that they can get in there and feed it.

Sigh. But in a good way this time.


Blogger david said...

This is good news. I was worried about the little guy. I even did a little research on feeding wild birds but it looks like it takes lots of time...feeding once an hour!

11:10 AM  

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