SunCom is a real buzzkill. Besides all the difficulty I've had switching to them (mandatory) from AT&T, now none of my mobblogging works right, and I still can't access my voicemail. Grrrrrrr. Not many of you will know anything about this, since SunCom is the heir to the AT&T wireless accounts only in NC and SC. I had a newish Motorola V505, called them and they said, ok you just need a new SIM card, we'll get that right out to you. Sent, received, I called back to make the switch and the person who finally answered said, ok, you can't just use a new SIM card you need a new phone. A new phone of the same phone I already had. Except now it's a crappier phone because it has a SunCom SIM card in it.

ANYWAY... some very successful Gocco printing has been taking place. I tried to post t-shirt pics, but of course that didn'tsuncomwork. David has some nice images of one eveningsworth of printing HERE. Motorcycles make great subject matter. Mostly because they're cool, but also because there's so much motorcycle crapart out there.


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