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I decided the best part of the 4th was the Goody Goody Omelet House, but Val actually summed up our holiday beach weekend much better than I.

I worked at Southeastern yesterday, and I walked out with another orphan from the land of misfit cameras. This one is actually a highly regarded camera, but it was marked for quick sale due to the apeture being "stuck" wide open (f1.8). A little research has schooled me that the most common cause of this is a battery being left in the camera for a long time, which often corrodes not the battery or the battery chamber, but actually corrodes the contacts, solder, and wires for the battery chamber. After I finish this initial test roll of film, I'm gonna open 'er up and see what's inside.

I originally planned to just use it as a low-light indoor camera. It's a Konica Auto S3 rangefinder, so it has a great lens, and it's quiet for covert ops. It's also an all black metal case, which looks way cool. It was priced at $15. Less than the Nishika!


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