Blue Oar, or BLOAR! as I like to call it!

BYOB at the Oar, originally uploaded by doctorhectic.

Yesterday a Middletown contingent headed south to the Blue Oar Restaurant in Haddam. It's right on the Connecticut River, and they have a basic chalkboard menu on the wall, covered with delicious sammich options, plus a few special dishes and sides.

You place your order, receive a number, and go find a table. We brought our own beer, pictured above, and sat at the tables overlooking the "marina". Within our contingent we sampled crabcake, catfish and lobster roll sammies. These were hot lobster rolls, with a buttery sauce instead of the "seafood salad" mayo treatment.

I had the cajun catfish sammich, and it was quite quite good. Nice seasoning and a good sized piece of fish. I did get at least a bite of everything on the table, as is often the case ("Hey, wanna finish this?" "Yes. Yes I do.").

It was a perfect afternoon for sitting outside by the river, drinking a beer and having a leisurely lunch. I hope to go again soon, and often, as they are seasonal and only open until the end of the month.

In other non-news, work has gone really, really well so far, and starting tomorrow I fly solo. The woman I'm replacing has left, and the other potential part-time employee has yet to be secured. That makes me full-time, which is fine, and gives me a better opportunity to learn the ropes. I will, however, be responsible for training the other part-timer, if and when they show up. I have lots of notes.

Fall is creeping into the local trees, but the weather is not steadily reflecting the season. Yesterday it was in the low 80s, today and tomorrow predict the same. We've had some cool overnights, and on Friday a ton of rain, but not much of that crisp, cool air of fall. I'm sure it's coming.


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