Hot damn! Hot dog!

Doogie's Dogs

Ethan and I went to Doogie's today and ate hot dogs. They were pretty awesome.

On our way to Doogie's, we went to the Olympia Diner (as seen here) for breakfast. Hash and cheese omelette for me...

Olympia Diner Hash & Cheese Omelet

...fried egg sammich with sausage for Ethan. Also a side of hash.

Olympia Fried Egg Sammich, w/sausage

From there we went to Bob's Farm Market and got beverages.

Hosmer Lemon & Lime

Then, the new Stew Leonard's that just opened.

Stew Leonard's

There we saw this sign, which was strangely sunbaked, yet even more strangely still decipherable.


From there, we ended up at a thrift store in Meriden, full of organs, facials, dirty hippies, and the RCMP.



Dirty Hippie


There were a few other little stops thrown in, the used videos, the pawn shop that was actually closed due to owner death ("Everything's in probate!"), but we made it to Doogie's and enjoyed some fine hot dogs and tasty beverages.

Ethan @ Doogie's

Stay tuned for more adventures...

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