Happy Fourth of Jell-o-y

Despite being mid-move, we took time out today to attend a small cook-out in the afternoon, and an extra special party this evening.

All Jell-o. All the time.

American Pie

This was one of my 2.5 "pieces" for the party. A graham cracker crust (thanks, Rev!), with a layer of Kool-Aid blue Knox Gelatine, then a layer of Jell-o Cheesecake pudding, then a layer of good ol' strawberry Jell-o, with Army guys and blue Twizzlers for decorum.

American Pie 2

I also had extra ingredients, so I ended up with a second pie...

American Pie

...and a place to put my tank.


As you can see, there were other works on display.

"The Border"

The Border

"Global Warming"

Global Warming

"Jell-o Quilt"

woven jell-o



...and everyone's actual favorite,




"Chocolate Pudding"

The chocolate pudding

Eventually, after a few things were actually tasted,

How does it taste?

the re-named "snakes" got into the global warming and made a run for the border.

global warming snakes

snakes and ladders

A fine time was had by all, and many Jell-o lessons were learned.

See you next year!


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