rollin', rollin', bowlin'...

I don't collect toys like I used to, but I still seem to accumulate them from time to time. When I saw these I had to have them.

The DudeThe Dude



"Series One" of the Big Lebowski action figures. I'd be happy with these two alone, but we'll see if they make more. I'm actually much more pleased with the sculpt on Walter than the Dude, but the detailing is still pretty good.

The Dude


I also got a "mini" human body, in the science display style of yesteryear.

Human Body

It's not that small, but I used to have one of the old ones that was at least a foot tall, so this one seems mini in comparison.


These will be removed from their packaging eventually, and placed on a display shelf somewhere where I can appreciate them.

Someday, I may even attend Lebowski Fest.


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