whoops, missed one...

A busy day shouldn't keep me from posting, but social life trumps blog, I'm afraid.


OJ, (of A DONG fame) had some folks over after work yesterday for a backyard campfire. Hot dogs, snacks and beer all included. Also, X-Files style lighting effects.


It was a beautiful evening, with an interesting cross-section of personalities from OJ's social circles. Also, Olivia's carnivorous plant collection.


There was plenty of great food and drink, but I didn't quite have time to assemble the teeny-tiny ingredients I brought for teeny-tiny dessert. I did re-create the scene this morning, for your viewing pleasure.

mini smores

Them there are some micro-mini smores and them there micro-mini-smores are tricky to put together, or at least I haven't figured out the best method yet. I did try a few minutes in the toaster oven, and it did add the right color and flavor to the marshmallows, but they are notoriously hard to control.

mini smoresplosion

Clearly, more R & D is required.


Anonymous Gretchen said...

I do believe you need to invent some sort of graham cracker "basket". Then the chocolate could be in the bottom, the marshmallow could just be placed in, thereby melting said chocolate.
Wow.... it's late :)
... and now I want smores.

3:19 AM  
Blogger Dr. Hectic said...

I was thinking about those old fashioned ice cube trays that had the metal inserts that released the cubes. If I could find a small enough tray that would work perfectly in the toaster oven, or even the real oven...stay tuned.

10:43 AM  

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