Don't ask me how I got there (it REALLY wasn't pretty, believe me...), but I was looking at the IMDB page for "Garfield" the movie, and I had to share this discussion post about how much it was going to make at the box office (vs. "HP" or Harry Potter).

"Re: Box-Office Predictions
by - abobrow-1 5 days ago (Sun May 16 16:05:27)

Hp is has good movies and books but come on already. Same setting, same characters, always, danger, saves the day, wakes up in the hospital wing, wins house cup.

Then look at Garfield. People have seen the comic but never a live action movie. Plus HP is always the same, this is new! When I first saw the trailer at the "Cheaper By the Dozen" (I love Steve Martin) sneak preview. I thought it was going to be so *beep* horibble. I thought in the theater "What the *beep*?! A cat that dances liek he's a gay guy?! Then it said "Garfield: The Movie" then I waited waited. Finally, I saw the new Garfield trailer and (NEW)thought that it might actually make money.

I'm just saying that it maybe a blockbuster (a flim that makes over 100 million) But coming out a week after HP. I bet HP will make only 500 million. And Garfield 216 million. If you didn't know, there are over a 1,000,000 (I think so) Garfield fans who still love Garfield and will probally see this movie 3 or more times. Do the math. $6.00 a ticket, times 1,000,000 by 6. 6,000,000. Then times 6,000,000 by the first 6,000,000. Which is 36,000,000. Finally times 36 million by 6 million which is 216 million.


I can't tell how old this poster is, but they are serious about Garfield. I think.

In other news, the motorcycle started yesterday, but it wouldn't keep running. I'm currently charging the battery with a trickle charger, hoping I can start it AND RIDE IT this weekend. I got my helmet this week, and I passed my permit test.

I do have more important things to do that ride a motorcycle around, but I do need to MOVE the motorcycle next week, so I'd like it if I could at the very least ride it into the back of my pickup and drive it up to Carrboro.


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