I've decided to start a new campaign. Not political in nature, just a good idea in my mind. It's called "Bands Not Brands" and it encourages everyone, especially the youth of today, to take up wearing clothing emblazoned with band names rather than clothing line names, if you have to wear something emblazoned at all. I'd rather wear an Avril t-shirt than an Abercrombie t-shirt, though I can't really stand either one.

This goes for most anything you feel an actual affinity for, not just bands. Some might argue that they do feel a genuine affinity for the GAP, or Nike, or whatever, to which I say, I weep for you. I'm not telling you not to shop there, just don't buy the $25 t-shirt (which is actually a $5 t-shirt, you're just paying to advertise for them) with the billboard on the front or back or wherever.

Hmm...seems there is a band called "1000" with the web address bandsnotbrands.com, but they have little info up as of this writing. Maybe .org...

I am honestly working on a new layout for this site, and still contemplating message boards. The software to run the boards that I originally tried to install has defeated me so far, but all is not lost. There are always board hosting services available if I can't get it running on my own.

I have also taken up knitting, as a productive and stress-reducing hobby. I have yet to complete even a small project yet, but I have learned a great deal and even checked out a "History of Knitting" book from the library, complete with photos of recovered Egyptian knit socks and things. Crazy.

It will come as no surprise to those that know me best that I am knitting hats.


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