Chicago pictures. Val's friend Leah got married in Chicago last weekend. We flew to Chicago on Friday, the wedding was on Saturday, and we flew back on Monday. There was a night before dinner on Friday night, and a morning after brunch on Sunday. It was a great little get away, especially after our Ocracoke vacation was cut short.

Friday: Flew in to O'Hare at 9am, took train downtown, checked in to Chicago Wyndham around 11am (early, check in time is 4pm). Walked around downtown, had lunch, came back to hotel to relax and wait for Jenna and Mark (sharing the hotel room). Went to dinner at the groom's parent's house.

Saturday: Went out for breakfast at the West Egg Cafe (highly recommended), then proceded to drive Jenna's car to Oak Park where we bought a walking tour map of Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes in the area. Went back downtown and Jenna and Val went shopping while Mark and I went to park the car someplace cheap. We ended up parking it at the convention center near the airport, where we thought it was going ot cost $11/day. Turned out to be $11 upon entering, and no charge on the way back out, even if that was 2 days later. Mark and I took the train back downtown, had pizza for lunch, and returned to the hotel. It was nap time at the hotel, followed by shower-and-get-dressed-up-for-the-wedding time. There was a shuttle from the hotel to the ceremony, which was at a nature center in a park downtown. Ceremony at 6pm, cocktails and appetizers at 7pm, dinner at 8pm, followed by drinks and dancing until midnight. At least that was what the itinerary said. It was more like ceremony 6-6:30, drinks 6:30-7:30, dinner/first dance/cake cutting 7:30-8:30, followed by drinks and dancing, and the shuttle back to the hotel.

Sunday: Crawling out of bed to make it downstairs for the brunch, then a walk down Michigan Ave. to the art institute. Several hours of art, then a cab back to the hotel. more resting/hotel pool, etc. Train ride north for dinner at Mia Francesca. Walked around, took the train back to the hotel, collapsed.

Monday: West Egg, again. Checked out of Wyndam, but left bags with bellhop (handy trick!) and walked around, went to H&M, and American Girl Place. Shudder. Back to the hotel to pick up the baggage, then off to the train to catch the plane.



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