So, that kitten Lilly that got adopted? Yeah, she escaped from her new home through a faulty screen on a SECOND STORY WINDOW, fell to the bushes below, and ran off to hide somewhere. She was gone for a week! Val was out of town last weekend, and I got a call on Saturday from the adopters saying that Lilly had gotten out the previous Tueday. They had been putting up flyers and such, but they were getting worried at that point because there had been no sign of her. I went over to the house on Sunday to check out the scene and help out if I could, but we didn't find her. We walked around and talked about all the possible places that Lilly could be hiding.

I had posted to the animal rescue message board asking for any advice, and one of the superstar cat foster people said she once had several cats get out (due to a robbery!?!) and it took her 6 months, but she got them all back. One of her tips was to put out tuna or other smelly canned fish. I went back over to the house on Tuesday afternoon, and I came up with the idea of taking a can of tuna and just punching holes in the top of it with a screwdriver and setting that out. They said they would try it, and I went off to work. Val went over there later that evening, and they had put out the tuna, and she was talking with the adopters when one of them noticed Lilly outside, making a bee-line for the tuna can! She was out there, just licking the can in frustration, so Val headed out and talked to her long enough to get close and scoop her up. Val called me at work, and everyone was so happy, and so relieved. Lilly was a little banged up, probably from hitting the bushes, but she was happy, and hungry and glad to come back inside.

Lemmesee, where was I...? Oh yeah, the message boards. Not off to a rocking start, but they seem to be working. The big plus is the archive of info and nonsense that you just don't get from a chat room. And the info can be arranged and rearranged. I think it's cool, anyway.


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