On a sadder note than my last post, and maybe even sadder than the post before that, last week found Terry the proofreader:

1) able to be visited at the hospital

2) able to be released from the hospital

3) released and then charged with killing her husband

4, etc....) AND accused self-inflicting the 18 or so stab wounds that she was found with. I haven't heard any more details, but I guess she started the altercation, may have "escalated" the altercation, and then tried to cover up what happened by self-inflicting. Sheesh. It just gets more and more unbelieveable, AND I have to go to work everyday and hear/think/talk about it all, with out getting any additional information about anything.

Once again, back to the sunnier side of the street, I knit this thing:

with hopes of being able to do patterns and "pictures" on hats and scarves and sweaters and such. Or maybe just skulls.


Anonymous Lee Bajuniemi said...

if i recall correctly, skullcaps have somewhat of a positive tradition, for what that's worth.
Love, Dad

3:39 PM  

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