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This is a store window in Middletown. Vintage/thrifty clothing, etc. They are closing. That means that this town has no record shop, no [reliably open] used book store, no O'Rourke's, and soon no vintage/thrifty/funky clothing store. I thought this was a college town. I was wrong.

On the plus side, for me anyway, I am slowly discovering the hidden delights of Hamden. Yesterday on my lunch break I went and dropped off a roll of Konica Auto S3 film at Ross Imaging, picked up an iced coffee at Java Jive, and then got a sammich (well, ok, it was a wrap...) at the Whitney Donut Shop. I will have to take pictures of Whitney Donut next time I go. It looks like an unassuming donut shop with a drive thru on the outside, but inside there is an actual lunch counter with stools. It's awesomeness knows no bounds.


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