Vikings in the grocery store

I stopped by the Stop and Shop on my way home for quesadilla supplies, and I ran into these two fellows.

Playmobil Vikings

Playmobil Vikings

Let's call them Dørg Hårmënskjarn and Svëntil Jørmgrüns, respectively. They come two to a package and in case you didn't recognize underneath all that regalia, they are made by the Playmobil toy company.

Playmobil Vikings

I grew up with Playmobil, and along with Lego sets and Fisher Price Adventure People, they were some of my favorite toys, often all at the same time, with buildings made out of Legos for the Playmobil and Fisher Price people to live in.

They are still some of the best made plastic toys in my opinion, and I just noticed that even though they all retain the same classic Playmobil faces underneath all their costuming, it does appear that Dørg could stand to lose a little weight, at least based on Svëntil's slim and trim figure...

Playmobil Vikings

That's right, Fatmobil. I guess in 1986 (thanks internet!) they added new molds to offer larger and smaller body types, besides the adult and child sizes of figures.

I'm glad Playmobil is still going strong, and still offering interesting sets. The little catalog that came with Misters Hårmënskjarn and Jørmgrüns shows an ancient Egypt series of playsets including an entire pyramid set. I also appreciate that they offer amazing sets that are just about modern everyday life. Like when your crazy cat lady wife complains that you didn't grill enough hot dogs to feed all the kittens...



Anonymous Gretchen said...

Dørg and Svëntil seem like a very happy couple!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Dr. Hectic said...

Their epic sagas tell that us they became well-fed upon their arrival at the Valhalla that is Støp ånd Shöp øf Crømwëll.

3:56 PM  

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