Well I started today right...

First, I woke up way too early, so I watched a little news/weather, had some coffee and peanut butter toast w/banana slices, and went back to bed.

Later, upon waking, I decided that the motorcycle wasn't gonna learn to ride itself (wait, no, well, you know what I mean), so I got dressed, grabbed my helmet, and stepped outside. Into the 85 weather, with probably 85% relative humidity. I uncovered the bike, unlocked the steering, switched all the switches, and used the "toothpick techinique" to push the starter button. With a bit of throttle encouragement, she started right up and kept running. I guess a new battery was a good investment.

With a successful idle, I took off my glasses, put on my helmet, replaced my glasses, and eased the bike forward off the center stand. Carefully reviewing everything that had allowed me to earn an NC learner's permit, I proceded with brake, clutch, 1st gear, throttle & clutch/brake release, and I was off! I rode up our quiet little street, shifted into 2nd gear, slowed, and turned into a parking lot. SUCCESS! Turning around, I managed to go back down our street, and repeated the shifting/turning around routine a few times. Then I got crazy, went down our street, and WENT THROUGH AN INTERSECTION! I only rode around for maybe half an hour, but it felt great, and the more I do it, the better I'll be.

The bike seems to be running ok, I only killed it once on this adventure, but it started right up again, and as long as it dies due to my error (and restarts!) everything will be fine. Next step, reviewing all the novice rider info I can get my hands on, and practicepracticepractice.


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