I forgot to mention that I bought 4 pounds of salmon last weekend (Sep.25-26). We marinated (sake, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil) and broiled some last weekend, and then I poached another slab this weekend. Mmmmmm. Poaching is easy, especially with salmon. You'll get all kinds of recommendations from people, but all I do (and this is from the Joy of Cooking, so, you know it works) is put a large salmon fillet in a 5qt. pot, add just enough water to cover the fish, and throw in some salt. I've done it without the salt and that's fine too, just depends on how you like your saltiness. So, you put the pot on the stove and crank it up to high. When the water is boiling, you turn off the stove, and move the pot off to an unused burner. Set the timer for ten minutes. After ten minutes, drain the fish and slide it onto a plate. Now, you can eat it right away, but it's also really good chilled for a few hours in the fridge. I always prepare a big slab so that there is some extra for bagels and cream cheese, but you can have it hot or cold with just about anything.

The remaining salmon is destined to become gravlax, also excellent with bagels. Even better with Swedish Pancakes.


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