So, I'm not quite a month behind here, but my weekends have been full, so I haven't been in front of the computer nearly as much.

Last weekend I took Saturday off from the camera shop to spend time with Val, since she has but two weekends that are relatively school free between end of spring semester and beginning of summer school. We ended up being pretty overbooked for a Saturday off, but it turned out ok. We voluntered to help set up for the Independent Animal Rescue Painted Chair Auction in the morning, and then we had a 6pm birthday BBQ dinner followed by b-day cake and bourbon followed by the Neil Diamond All-Stars farewell performance at the Cat's Cradle. The festivities were masterminded by Dean, whose 50th birthday was on 05/05/05.

Sunday was GOCCO day. David came over to check out the Gocco printer that has been sitting in it's box ever since I got it. I had mentioned postcard printing or somesuch thing to him at one point and said I had a Gocco that had yet to be put to use. He really wanted to check it out, so we set up a "mandate" for Sunday to see how it worked.

The last monthsworth of Saturdays or so have been full of crafting of a different sort, BEER brewing. I am only a humble observer of the craft for the most part, but Brad has brewed before, and was ready to do another batch. I'm still organizing the photo essay on that project, but we also still have a week or two to go until the bottled beer has reached "natural carbonation maturity". It was delicious uncarbonated, so I have high hopes.

The OTHER thing we did amongst the brewing was play some bocce ball. The first game with Brad and David and myself was at Stef and Brad's house on the slightly rocky terrain. Chapel Hill, however, has some fine bocce ball courts, complete with their own bocce parking. The action is all here.


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