Our house...

...in the middle of getting insulated. Our house... Well, actually, our apartment is 1/4 of an old house that was never insulated in any modern sense. The windows were all replaced with new vinyl models, but the walls themselves were cold and drafty last winter.

We were told that some sort of insulating was going to take place this week, and Mrs. Cupcakes came home the other afternoon, and saw a truck and some ladders and some holes in the outer walls of our house.


What they do is remove some siding at a particular height, drill some 4" holes in the underlying wood sheeting, and then they "spray" insulation inbetween the outer and inner walls. If you click on the above picture and then look at the larger size or the original, you can see the row of holes.

Mrs. Cupcakes took these pictures of the process, as I was at work while this was going on. I guess they needed access to our apartment in order to use one of the outlets in our kitchen. All of our kitchen window sill inhabitants were carefully lined up next to the sink by the insulation workers.


Well, almost all of them. Campus Cutie stayed in the sill.


Yesterday, I got up and was going to begin my day with a little light face shaving, as per usual. I have an electric razor that I leave in the old medicine cabinet mirror in our bathroom.


I opened the cabinet and saw a sliver of daylight (?!?) inside.


One of the holes for the insulation just happened to line up with the back of the ol' cabinet.





They finished up the work yesterday, and all of the window sill residents were safely returned by the time Mrs. Cupcakes got home.


Blogger b-rad said...

Something seems wrong there. Did the house not have much for drywall/walls?
We had that done in an old house that we once lived in, but the holes appeared to stop at the outer wall. At which point they "sprayed" in some "insulation" and replaced the exterior holes with very tacky, 3" diameter, plastic caps. The caps also did not even match the color of the house.
Do you now have a medicine cabinet/house filled with insulation?

8:02 AM  
Blogger Dr. Hectic said...

The medicine cabinet was actually installed into the drywall at whatever point, but there was insulation on the floor in one room that I think came from the spaces around the radiator pipes in the floor.

9:35 PM  
Blogger stuntfrau said...

you have the same kinder egg chicken rubber stamp thingy as me! that is truly the best kinder egg toy ever, in the history of ever.

2:00 PM  

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