My people are Nordic...

Hmm...not a single t-shirt sale yet. Must be the lousy design. Maybe I'll just put a picture of this on a shirt with the "My people are Nordic" tagline.


SALMON, one of my favorite foodstuffs, is also one of the easiest fish to prepare, and I think we all agree, one of the most delicious. This fine specimen was seasoned ever so sparingly with salt, olive oil and dried dill, and left under the broiler for 10 minutes. It was then flipped, automagicaly removing the skin, and returned to the firey flames of the broiler for 5 more minutes. Before this all began I had been boiling baby red potatoes for 10 minutes or so. So nice. The salmon holds up well to broiling/grilling, with or without marinade/seasoning, but is also tasty baked at lower heat, and even, believe it or not, boiled, which we like to call poached. For some reason "poached" sounds better than "boiled" when you're talking about fish. To poach, which might just be the easiest technique, place fillet in a pot, add poaching liquid (I use W-A-T-E-R) just to cover, and apply high heat on the stove top. Pay attention, and when the liquid begins to boil, remove the heat and start a timer for 10 minutes or so. After ten minutes, drain the pot and you have some tasty boiled poached salmon. Some of the fat will boil into what looks like sea foam (or maybe worse?) but it can just be blotted away with a paper towel, or you can rinse the fillet after cooking. Serve warm, or better yet, chill and serve the next morning with bagels and cream cheese. Beware of cats.

cats want salmon


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