I did make gravlax for this past weekend, but no Swedish pancakes. We had bagels and cream cheese with the gravlax instead. Yum.

Saturday we went to the zoo in Asheboro. I went with Val's class, "Cultural Institutions" (or something like that), which goes on these "field trips" to museums and zoos and the like. It was fun. It's a HUGE zoo, and there are a wide variety of animals there. I still have to get my pictures off the camera, but we saw African elephants, white rhinos, lion cubs, polar bears, chimps, gorillas, and a whole mess of smaller creatures as well.

On Sunday we went for a hike in Chapel Hill, then to SuperTarget?, and then our friends Stef and Brad came over in the evening for a little grillin'. We had some more salmon, and grilled veggie and Boca Italian sausage skewers. Then we played Scrabble?, but the night wore on and we abandoned the game before it officially ended, Which was fine because Val was the clear winner after spelling something that was placed just right and it earned her 66 points in one turn. I can't remember what the word was. Must've blocked it out.


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