I know I didn't document it on the site, but I officially finished my first knitting project. My other stripey hat is still a work in progress, but this one with earflaps is a modified version of a pattern in the oh so popular stitch'n'bitch book. I got the yarn from the Scrap Exchange for $1.50.

The Scrap Exchange is also where I had a very successful (in my mind) interview for a new job last Thursday. The place is pretty well explained on their web site, but for those of you in the know, it's basically like a non-profit Ax-Man, with more emphasis on arts education and reuse/recycling. All of the stuff they sell is donated to them for free, and they turn around and sell it cheap to fund their operation. There is a warehouse full of surplus, a retail store (managing which will hopefully be my new gig), and a classroom and a gallery space in the back. Some of the highlight items(my opinion) in the store when I went for my interview were:

fire extinguisher handles, guages and nozzles
nice bike pumps
sticker remnants from keyboard/keypad overlay production
metal bits

So, hopefully they'll call me back this coming week and offer me the job. I'd go back to a full time day job. I haven't done that in over two years. Scary. Nice thing is, their retail hours are 11-5 M, Tu, W, F, 11-6 Th, and 10-5 Sa. Closed Su. Are there sweeter hours than 11-5? No, there are not. And I wouldn't be working all of those days every week as there is support staff to schedule around with.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I mean, when convenient, not all the time.


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