Saturday was the Independent Animal Rescue Painted Chair (and More) Auction. IAR is the rescue group that we foster cats for, and every year, they take donated furniture, give it to artists to "art", and then auction off the results. I have pictures that I am captioning, so I'll post the link tomorrow when I'm through with that.

Last night Val and I went to see Death Cab for Cutie and Portastatic at Cat's Cradle here in Carrboro. This was our first rock show since we moved. I mean, together, walking to the venue and all. It was really good (both band web sites above have some full MP3s). I hadn't been to a real club show in a long time, so that was cool, and both bands were really good live. The show was sold out, but it didn't feel to crowded or crazy. Cat's Cradle also has gone smoke-free, a rare occurance for any indoor North Carolina establishment.

I miss going to shows. There are some really good ones coming through here in the next few months, and I am slowly aquainting myself with the local scene, but it was so easy in the Twin Cities, because I knew the venues and the bands and all that. I really do like it here, though and the music scene is STRONG, and maybe even more diverse than the Twin Cities. Can I say that?


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