Well, this is a first for me. The National Weather Service has
declared a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in the area for the next hour
or so, and a Tornado Watch for the next 4 hours. In February.


Using e-mail, I can post to my web site from anywhere that my cell
phone has digital coverage. Another useful tool in my attempt to keep
the site updated. Val and I had breakfast at Big Ed's this morning,
then she was off to Chapel Hill to study, and I went to work for the
evening. My new job has the usual problems. Management, customer
service and customers not understanding how typesetting/pre-press
works, thus pitting the front of the building against the back of the
building. Oh well, more overtime for me.


Testing testing testing. E-mail posting.

Test send from cell phone to Blogger...

This post is from my cellphone. Oh baby...if only I could add photos.

It's a table! It's a lamp! New table! New lamp! Love that Goodwill!

New job! I'm a Macintosh Typesetter! Again! I'm working for a thermographic printshop that does mostly business cards and small papergoods like envelopes, letterhead, invitations. It's a part-time evening job that leaves my days free and gives me a steady paycheck. I will continue to work for Northland Poster, maintaining their site and doing random graphic design jobs. This new job gives me a much needed schedule, strangely enough, as well as some social interaction with the locals and that all important steady paycheck. Plus it's an almost entirely Mac shop. Entirely OLD Macs, but my kind of people.